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The Deborah Academy

The Deborah Academy

The Esther Academy has been an incredible forerunner, establishing the women at the Warehouse Church in who they are in Christ and the power within them for over 8 years , however we believe the Holy Spirit is birthing The Deborah Academy as the next step to position us for growth and establish us for the battle!


We read in Judges chapter 4 and 5 about Deborah and the significant role she played in judging God's people and bringing victory and peace to the land.


Judges 5:7

‘Village life ceased, it ceased in Israel,

Until I, Deborah, arose,

Arose a mother in Israel.’


The Deborah Academy is about the next step in maturity. It’s time to arise and take our rightful positions as women of God! This is an invitation to take up the call!

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