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There is Hope

We have compiled a series of testimonies and inspirational stories that will bring you hope.
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That Dark Place

Nathan explains his experience of depression and journey of faith.
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He Loved Me When I Hated Myself

We all go through challenges in life, the deciding factor in whether you overcome them or not is your ability to yield to the Father.
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From addiction to a life of Surrender

With God's help, Arthur was able to restore everything he really cared for in life.
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Inspirational Stef Reid

Paralympian Stef Reid explains why she puts her trust in God.
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Guvna B's Story

From the streets to the stage. Rapper Guvna B tells his story about a choice that changed his life.
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Jesus, The Answer To All I Was Looking For

Until a person finds the love that Jesus has, every other love will always fall short.
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Vaccine From Fear

The world is now flipped upsidedown. Before it seemed fine, but now every day is a mystery. Where is the hope?
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The Mess I Made

Ash shares his journey from the addiction of drugs and gambling to a life of hope and purpose.
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